Monday, 17 January 2011

Produk Hebat Sabun Basuh Biosinar

Sabun Basuh Biosinar

Dapatkan sabun basuh best ini. Tak payah sental baju lagi.
Berminat nak berniaga sabun basuh halal lagi suci ini?
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BioSinar is a concentrated laundry detergent with a 5-In-1 formula to ensure the following:

Removal of stains with minimal effort;
Long lasting softness of fabrics;
Fabrics are mildly scented without the typical “detergent” smell;
Fabric colors remain fast and bright with zero discoloration, and;
Practical enough to be used as a multipurpose cleaner.
The active ingredients make up more than 70% of the product mass with the remainder being fillers. This is different from non concentrated detergents which uses less than 40% active ingredients. BioSinar’s active ingredients consist of the following items:
·         Surfactants – For removal of normal stains such as dirt and grime;
·         Protease enzymes – For removal of tough stains such as curry, engine oil and blood;
·         Water builders – To condition water from becoming hard. This allows clothes to remain soft once they are dried;
·         Anti redepositing agent - To prevent removed stains from sticking back onto fabrics;
·         Corrosion inhibitors – To prevent rust buildup on metal parts in the washing machines and on metal buttons and zippers;
Optical brighteners – To ensure clothes remain bright, new and crisp

BioSinar requires less than half the dosage of most detergents for the same amount of laundry. Clothes remain clean, soft and easy to iron without the need to use stain removers, fabric softeners and ironing aids, thus saving money, time and storage space.

Colors remain bright and fast, and the mild perfume emits a pleasant scent. Clothes soaked overnight, even for days on end will not emit foul odors. Further, leftover water from the first washing cycle can also be used to clean tiles, drains, metal and almost all household stains.
Apart from washing fabrics, BioSinar is also known to be used for removing grease and dirt from floor surfaces, tabletops and cooking utensils. Several of our customers have used it for cleaning applications other than laundry and are very pleased with the performance of the product. According to them, it saves them time, money, effort and the end results are very desirable indeed!


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